Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Im moving

The website, that is.

I realize that its just a matter of days before this explodes in popularity and im getting thousands of readers a day. I reckon that I should move this to someplace a little more stable than blogger before that happens. That way I can get more control over my content, and do....well, anything I want. I should have everything set up within a week. All old posts will redirect to the new site (Which will be announced shortly). things will be bangin'. ANd I wont have ".blogspot.com" hanging off the end of my domain like a tumor.

anyway. No new mindless garbage for you yet, but stay tuned - New post coming within 24 hours!

Ive also got new goodies coming for all y'all, like this Button, so you can advertise to the world just how much you love me.

Use the following code to implement it:... Actually, I cant show you the code to implement it because blogger is a taint. Actually, hold off on that until i get the new domain anyway.

And of course, a big welcome to mister Winsel!

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