Thursday, March 1, 2007

Q) Whats better than paying for music?

A) A shotgun blast to the face!

So Apple has this Itunes music store, where they sell music to any idiot who will pay for it. This music is locked to this user's computer. Its illegal to try to re-sell this music. Its illegal to use this music on any device than the ipod. Now, I'm not singling apple out here, all music stores fuck you equally hard. But France has basically said "fix this crazy shit, or you wont be doing business in our country" I commend France for trying to prevent Apple from shitting all over their citizens. So some computer illiterate fuckheads in our government speak out and decide that they support apple in this matter. They believe that government intervention is unnecessary and that the free market will fix DRM and Collusion and other mind bogglingly anticompetitive practices. I wouldn't have a problem with this at all if free market rights were extended to everyone, not just the filthy fucking rich. Now hear me out. If the music industry is allowed to sell what amounts to nothing for $.99, AND they are allowed to lock these songs to their own proprietary player, Why shouldn't I be allowed to crack the encryption on these songs? Furthermore, why shouldn't we just repeal copyright law? If a kid down the street is offering you a copy of the latest hit album for free, It certainly cant be costing apple that much to reproduce, right? SO, everyone will just steal their music, yeah? and then these cartels will eventually disappear. Guess what you borderline retarded, hypocritical scumbags? thats how the fucking free market is supposed to work. If you cant compete, you wither and die. Consumers win. The "free market" is NOT just a euphemism for "state sponsored monopoly" YOU fucking backstabbing bastards, I hope you all die.

On a sidenote, Anyone who pays to download music is an idiot and a traitor. Every time you pay for music, you help the RIAA sue more people. You help to fund rootkits that sony has a penchant for. You help them pollute the radio spectrum with more corporate garbage. I'm not saying you have to "steal" music, just stop buying it. Is it really that hard to NOT do something? If you've got money that you just HAVE to spend, why not try crack? it'll clear that money problem right up, and then you wont be able to harm ME with YOUR purchases, asshole. If we all just stop this rampant consumerism, These bastards will all go away. Maybe not this year, but eventually. If you want to support the artists, Buy a hoodie. Or send them some heroin.

Speaking of Digital rights, There's an amendment to the the DMCA floating through congress now called the FAIR USE act. This would basically give back all of the fair use rights that the DMCA stole from us. Unfortunately, This bill has been submitted once a year for the past like 5 years and most of these assholes don't give it a second look. Thats right, your congresspeople will jump at the chance to give more of your money to corporate America, but when you ask for a (VERY REASONABLE) set of exclusions, these same dickmunches are nowhere to be found. No doubt they're too busy enjoying RIAA sponsored dinner parties.

Every politician in Washington is an ideal candidate for abortion. Once they get time travel working, you're all fucked.


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