Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Radar detectors

UPDATE: It turns out DIGG is sensationalist garbage and these asshats wouldn't know the difference between state and federal if it bit them on the cock. Needless to say, this is a proposed state law, not federal.

Well hell. While were banning trans fats and light bulbs and everything else, lets ban radar detectors. atleast thats the plan of one Floridian senator (Republican, naturally). This wouldn't bother me so much if it were a state law. Unfortunately, this would enforce a federal ban on the detectors, making them illegal to use ANYWHERE in the united states.

*Takes soapbox*

"AHEM"......What the hell are you motherfuckers smoking?! What the fuck are you republicans supposed to stand for? You purport to stand for small government and personal responsibility, but as of late your mantra has been "God hates queers" and "...or the terrorists win" Let me be the first to extend the olive branch of hostility in the form of a hearty "Shove it up your ass" I'll decide what's in my best interests. Id like to see how you bastards plan to keep this ban from being ruled unconstitutional. Let me guess - TAX STAMPS! I cant see this falling under interstate commerce, so unless you plan on amending the US constitution, I cant see this being worth shit. I suppose you could reduce highway funding for states that refuse to ban them, the same way you god forsaken babyrapers enforced a national speed limit and and 21 as the legal age to buy alcohol.

These sick worthless assbaggers in office prattle on about how they're going to create a safer world for all of us because, of course, possession of a hunk of plastic and silicon and LEDs indicates criminal intent. Perhaps radar detectors are so pervasive not because all people are dirty speeders, but because people are just tired of being 'Surprised' by some jackass with a badge and getting completely and utterly fucked over by the state? (no. of course not)

Furthermore, speeding tickets and speed traps aren't for your safety to begin with. Image if you will a world where everyone drives the speed limit. If you think for a second that the state will just leave well enough alone, and give up your yummy yummy tax dollars, you've got way too much faith in the system. These puss-spewing swollen genital warts of people will come up with yet another ridiculous source of revenue at the expense of personal liberties under the guise of 'SAFTEY' and most of you will just eat it up. Congratulations, you've helped destroy America. I'd offer you a cookie but you might choke, and we cant have you risking your own safety. Just be secure in the thought that every asshole in this country with an IQ lower than 25 thanks you.

.....Fucking tards.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Let me preface this by saying that I have a tendency to get bored and do things 'just for the hell of it'. This is one of those things. Let me also say that most of the things I start, I never finish. Fortunately, this was not one of them.

So I was sitting in my room with some friends strumming on my guitar and I realized just how cool everything looked under a blacklight (I wasn't high...... Honest). I was thinking it would be cool to have some UV art on my wall, so I painted this awesome 32" square, glow in the dark, UV reactive 1up mushroom on my wall.

I started by finding a suitable image to paint. I settled on a sprite of a 1up mushroom I found on Google image search or something. I blew it up with MSPAINT and I printed out. I Stuck it on my wall, and started drawing a 16x16 grid. It took time. and patience. and pencil.

Then I started filling in the pixels. I started freehand:

and then I realized that painting a giant mushroom freehand was stupid. So I found my good friend painters tape and I was like "Hey dog. wanna paint some stuff?" and painters tape was like "hells yeah". so I stuck him on the wall and slathered him with paint. and it was good.

After quite a few coats, the colors started looking pretty uniform:

And then one day it was finished. It looks great under a blacklight or even in the dark after it has absorbed a good deal of light. Unfortunately, the images taken with my camera phone of the painting in the dark do not do it justice. I have omitted them.

The paint was $.90 per 2oz tube. I ended up buying 5 of them ($4.50) and I also bought some paint brushes. (like $2.00)

So the total cost was like..... $6.50. and its awesome.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boycott the RIAA for a month?

Gizmodo is declaring the month of march "boycott RIAA month". WOOO!

The whole idea behind the boycott is that if you stop being fucking worthless consumers for a month, things will miraculously get better. This is, of course, a logical fallacy. How about instead of practically fellating yourselves because you were able to stave off this incessant consumerism for 30 days, you just do what you feel is right, all the time. First and foremost, you need to realize that if you drop their profits for one month, things wont change. I take offense with the idea that these people are even in business. Even if they 'change' and see the folly of their ways and remove DRM and pay artists fairly and stop suing people...well, guess what? Nothing has changed in my mind. they were bastards then, they're bastards now. There is nothing they could do to get a single god damn dime from me.

The idea that you need to set a timeline for yourselves gives me the impression that this boycott is somehow difficult for you. And if it truly is that difficult for you to kick the RIAA habit indefinitely, then maybe you aren't in the right mindset to boycott them in the first place. Perhaps you dislike them because its the 'cool' thing to do, rather than having any ideas or thoughts of your own.

I'll tell you what though, my ideas on intellectual property have changed significantly over the years. I can now appreciate the fact that hard work goes into an artistic piece, and perhaps an artist needs to be compensated for that work. Ive got every intention to buy 2 of my 3 favorite Coheed CDs (good Apollo was released under an RIAA label, so i wont be buying that one). Either that or buy a hoodie. Either way, a good chunk of money is going to go to an artist that I believe in, and I feel good about that. But you can also bet your ass that had I not "stolen" this music in the first place, I wouldn't have given it a second look. Buying a CD based on one radio ready track is stupid. The music they play on the radio is usually the weakest, shallowest, least artistic example of poppy bullshit they can come up with. I wouldn't say that "the suffering" is representative of the majority of Good Apollo, and if it was, the CD probably wouldn't have the addictive qualities that it does.

I guess what im trying to say is that boycotting them for any length of time is a step in the right direction. Im glad people are finally doing something. But don't expect anything to change either. If after march, you feel the need to resume this rampant consumerism then you are most certainly part of the problem, and your participation in this boycott was little more than a symbolic gesture of the "me too!" variety.

A nice link to check out is RIAARadar dot com Its a cool little website that lets you throw in an artist name and it'll tell you which of their CDs are labeled under the RIAA.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Light bulbs: The saga continues

Well, It looks like I wont have to bother baning light bulbs because people are actually doing it. On a side note, what the hell is wrong with Australia? How could a nation founded by criminals think that criminalizing the light bulb is a good idea? I was reading an article about it on treehugger, and thats when I realized that these environmentalist types are just batshit loony. If the other alternative is a totalitarian state, then I consider climate change a bargain. Bring it on. Its too fucking cold here anyway. Heres a quote from the end of the TH article:

Now, what was the second objection? First, let’s put it in perspective. We’re talking about technology that can cut household electricity bills by 60% and greenhouse gas emissions by 1.3 tonnes (and acid rain-causing compounds by 92 kg). That’s the equivalent of taking 4.3 cars off the road—per household. In other words, we’re talking about something pretty promising. And what is the downside? Some CFLs don’t work well with dimmer switches!

I’m sorry, but that is no objection at all. We’ve got a planet to save. Working out the caprices of our mood-lighting shouldn’t be a real problem

A) Its not your responsibility to cut my household electricity bills. Period. I appreciate the actually I don't. You're a meddling, creepy fascist sympathizer. Ingest some bleach.

2) Greenhouse gases don't even necessarily apply here. What if I'm using solar panels and I want to power my lava lamp? Which leads me to point three:

#) I have no problem doing what I feel is right in any scenario, But when government intervenes and tries to coerce me to do what I would've done in the first place, I rethink my original plan. Be it with seat belts or lighting technology, I know that if I comply theres just going to some smug motherfucker in office with a nice big shit eating grin on his face thinking to himself "I've saved lives/the environment" And that really, really bothers me.

4) Dont be so quick to dismiss dimmer switches as a vain, aesthetic thing. My dimmer switch is the ONLY reason that the 6 incandescents in my room haven't been replaced yet. Its not that I dim my lights. In fact, I NEVER do. The problem is that Ive already got a dimmer switch and I don't care to replace that. Nor do I care to Pay extra for 'dimable' CFL's. I could install CFL's right now in all my sockets but what happens when some fuckwatt comes and plays with my dimmer dial and all the ballasts decide to die? Fuck all that, I'll stick with incandescents for now.

People need to also think about the economics of the issue. If we all put our minds to it, I bet we can figure something out. Who could possibly benefit from every person replacing all of their bulbs at once....hmmm.... I wont point any fingers, but lets just say that it might not be a bad idea to invest in GE.

I never thought Id say it, But shut the fuck up and leave me the hell alone you god damn hippies.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Could a virus save us?

Could a computer virus save whats left of our free society?

no....probably not. But a computer virus could be a hefty wrench in the proverbial gears of this onslaught of corporate funded and government backed legislation that is currently destroying the technology field.

The current implementation of intellectual property law caters exclusively to the rich. Fair use and public domain have been essentially written out of the picture with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other such legislation. My solution for copyright infringement lawsuits and other fun technology problems is simple:
An open source, cross-platform, self-replicating computer virus. This virus would have one purpose and one purpose only: to download a random file from a random P2p net. Everyone with the virus now has plausible deniablilty. The entire P2p lawsuit game would end overnight, atleast until the **AA could buy some new legislation.

Some criteria would need to be met for this to work:

  • The virus needs to be self-replicating - If the user has to download the virus then plausible deniability is alot harder to argue. The user has to look like the victim (and rightfully so)
  • The virus should cause no damage to the users file system, and should systematically figure out the best time to steal a file as to not impede the users current operations :).
  • Cross platform. C'mon - gotta let the Linux and mac guys in on the fun as well
  • The virus cannot keep logs of its operations, in case the RI/MPAA's decide to play hardball and look at the systems on a case by case basis. In other words, there should be no way to differentiate between files downloaded by the user and files downloaded by the virus
  • The virus will need to upload, atleast once, everything it downloads. this sounds scary, but bear in mind if the virus only downloads, the it is worthless. (RI/MPAA's don't go after leachers, they go after people who upload. this is about muddying the waters)

The scary thing is that if the plausible deniability angle works, I think we're going to see a federal law against "knowingly operating a computer with a virus". But that should be expected - Those in power don't care about you unless your name ends in "Inc."

As i don't believe in copyright law, I shall practice what i preach and release the above work in the public domain. Do what you want with it, I don't care.

The above was a work of fiction, for educational and entertainment purposes only. It was not intended to influence the actions of another human being. I take no responsibility for anything anyone does with it...ever. In fact, I made it all up. I don't even understand computers or the internet, although Ted Stevens did help clear some things up for me (Tubes and trucks, Imagine that). I think that Microsoft invented the computer. I think the internet and the World Wide Web are synonymous. I think that legally downloading music is awesome. I support the war on drugs, the war on terror, illegal wiretaps and the entire Neocon agenda. Praise Jesus.

Fuck china

China is one fucked up country. Sometimes I think we should've invaded them instead of Iraq.

To the apparently weak and powerless Chinese citizens: You outnumber your overlords by many orders of magnitude. Rise up and chop some heads already. You deserve whatever you bring upon yourselves.

Electroshock therapy for China's "Internet addicts"

The Chinese government is imprisoning and giving electric shocks to people it thinks have become addicted to the Internet. Alarmed by a survey that found that nearly 14 percent of teens in China are vulnerable to becoming addicted to the Internet, the Chinese government has launched a nationwide campaign to stamp out what the Communist Youth League calls "a grave social problem" that threatens the nation.


Led by Tao Ran, a military researcher who built his career by treating heroin addicts, the clinic uses a tough-love approach that includes counseling, military discipline, drugs, hypnosis and mild electric shocks.

Tao said the clinic is based on the idea that there are many similarities between his current patients and those he had in the past.

In terms of withdrawal: "If you let someone go online and then he can't go online, you may see a physical reaction, just like someone coming off drugs." And in terms of resistance: "Today you go half an hour, and the next day you need 45 minutes. It's like starting with drinking one glass and then needing half a bottle to feel the same way."

Are you fucking shitting me? Jesus Christ. Someone needs to off this "Tao" guy ASAP because hes a threat to all of you. I know you chineses cant read americanese, and even if you could Google is probably blocking this. Still. For fucks sake. Remember tiananmen square? It was less than 20 years ago. Has communism beaten the pulse out of you? Steal a tank, buy some arms and liberate yourselves already. Nobody is going to do it for you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fuck the drug war

And fuck every single last one of you supporters. You all fail at America.

The members of the supreme court who voted on the side of the feds in the Gonzales v. Raich decision should take a long hard look at their lives and deeply ponder what benefit, if any, they bring to the American people. If there were a merciful GOD up there, these bastards would have everything from glaucoma to AIDS. Then they could swallow pill after pill after pill as they slowly waste away and die, like dogs. like the pitiful scum they are.

This ruling was about Medical Marijuana. More importantly It was about states rights, and whats left of our constitution, tattered and spat upon, trampled underfoot of a thousand jackbooted fucking feds, marching to the beat of large pharma and corporate profits.

The defendant, Angel Raich, argued that the federal Controlled Substance Act was in violation of the Interstate Commerce clause of the constitution. Of course it is. Any person with even a rudimentary understanding of the bill of rights can see that. Unfortunately, 6 justices on the supreme court could not.

The ruling basically said that even though 11 states have made it legal for a doctor to prescribe marijuana for a sick patient, the feds cans still come in and raid dispensaries (legitimate, state regulated medical marijuana sources often run by volunteers) and arrest sick and dying people.

Now, I know some of you are thinking - "so what, Its just those damn potheads looking for a loophole." You people are, of course, Idiots. If you were to put your fucked up preconceived notions aside for a minute, you might be able to see that this is not about pot. Its not about Potheads, its not about the counterculture you fucking fascists love to hate. Now that the supreme court has ruled in favor of the feds, Its about states rights.

Unfortunately, most people dont get the whole "constitution" thing. They teach that shit in school for a reason. If you dont know your rights, how will you know when theyve been violated?

How could the federal government possibly claim jurisdiction over a state, if the power they are taking was not given to them in the constitution? The supreme court ruled that intrastate medican marijuana programs are interstate commerce. Now, it doesnt take a high-school graduate to see that medical marijuana is neither interstate, nor is it often commercial. Therefore, its not interstate commerce. There is no possible fucking way it could ever be even remotely considered interstate, because these are STATE LAWS. THEY DONT APPLY TO OTHER STATES. One state's Medpot card will NOT WORK IN ANOTHER STATE. therefore, it is Intrastate. There is no intrastate commerce clause. The people who ruled this way are in no position to be justices of the highest court in the land.

Perhaps you can all see now why I say the tenth amendment has been ruled null and void. Perhaps you're even pissed off, and ready to break shit. No? Yeah, maybe we should wait until the bill of rights is down to 8 amendments.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"SONY" is japanese for "Garbage"

What the fuck is sony good for anyway?
Are their products really worth anything anymore?
Everything from sony is an overpriced, under performing, DRM crippled piece of cow shit.
They've been skating by on name alone for far too long, and they seem oblivious as to the magnitude of their worthlessness. Like the ugly fat chick with a huge ego who wears a tube top and skin tight bicycle shorts and constantly spouts off about how "you couldn't handle this" - Damn right. I dont even want to attempt....handling......that......*shudder* Go fall down a fucking hole.

Worse yet is the idiot consumer who seems to constantly forget that sony is worthless. Is it really that hard to get over sony? Find another company that doesn't completely blow. I don't know.... how about apple or panasonic or samsung or (ugh) Microsoft or Nintendo or.....y'know, just about any other company under the fucking sun? Hell, Buy something from tiger direct. I know, I know. they aren't an electronics company, but im using them as a point of reference - They probably suck less than sony.

God Damnit sony, get off my fucking lawn! You look like shit. You smell like shit and for fucks sake, cover your shame. you're scaring the children.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fuck the founding fathers

The founding fathers were douchebags. They cared little about freeing Americans from tyranny, they only cared about removing British tyranny and installing their own brand. Fucking sick bastards did a whole bunch of fucking nothing for us. These "great Americans" we hear so fucking much about were just egomaniacal power hungry assholes, filling simple peoples' minds with garbage about 'freedom', and they ate it up. Risked life and limb to put the likes of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington into office. and what do these worthless sick fucks do with their newfound power? at the first sign of discourse, they bring the full might of federalism down upon the heads of the disillusioned and wage a small scale civil war against those that put them into power. Land of the free indeed. The majority of the founding fathers deserve little more than perpetual hatred. the idea that Hamilton and Washington adorn the ten and one, respectively has led me to stop using paper money. I buy and sell in cocaine and weapons now.

I am comforted by the thought that none of them exist in my bloodline.

merry fucking presidents day.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Light bulbs

Yes. Im going to get light bulbs banned and I'm going to use my favorite national travesty to accomplish this - the war on drugs.

Now hear me out. This nation has a problem with amphetamine usage, specifically methamphetamine. We obviously need to keep this dangerous substance out of the hands of children. and of course, we need to keep meth paraphernalia out of the hands of children as well. You may be shocked to find out that you probably have several meth pipes laying about your house RIGHT NOW. maybe several in the same room as you. One of the most common way to smoke meth is out of a light bulb. Thats right. a common ordinary light bulb.

Im proposing that we restrict the sale of light bulbs to people over 18, the same way we do with pipe cleaners and PVC glue and spray paint. I also propose that if a minor is in posession of a light bulb that he or she can have their person and or vehicle searched, as well as be subjected to a mandatory blood test to check for the existence of amphetamines.

I'll be fleshing out this proposal and submitting it to my senator. I'll post any and all replies I get from him.

This post continued HERE

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I love this country

and of course by "love" i mean "pray for"

For as long as I can remember, our government has been working as hard as they possibly can to restrict our dwindling freedoms and otherwise ban....well, just about anything that doesnt directly support corporate profits.

They decided it would be fun to ban alcohol in the 30's, but thank god americans back then still had a fucking spine. Then came the war on drugs. YAY! we're gonna go fight those.....drugs... yeah. and we can see how well billions of dollars a year over 70 years has done. And then we've got bans on smoking and trans fats and proposed legislation to ban spinning rims and seatbelt laws (because a dead person doesn't make any money for the state) and we've got the PATRIOT act and electronic voting machines and asset forfeiture and eminent domain and the FCC deciding what is or isn't free speech and the supreme court ruling the 10th amendment null and void and this nation has more or less gone straight to hell. Id say 'this is getting absurd' but its way past that now.

So i had an idea. Im going to try and find the most benign item i can, and im going to write a proposal to have it banned. I will submit it to my senator and see just how far I can push this through. It seems they'll ban just about anything if its 'for the children'.