Monday, February 19, 2007

Fuck the founding fathers

The founding fathers were douchebags. They cared little about freeing Americans from tyranny, they only cared about removing British tyranny and installing their own brand. Fucking sick bastards did a whole bunch of fucking nothing for us. These "great Americans" we hear so fucking much about were just egomaniacal power hungry assholes, filling simple peoples' minds with garbage about 'freedom', and they ate it up. Risked life and limb to put the likes of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington into office. and what do these worthless sick fucks do with their newfound power? at the first sign of discourse, they bring the full might of federalism down upon the heads of the disillusioned and wage a small scale civil war against those that put them into power. Land of the free indeed. The majority of the founding fathers deserve little more than perpetual hatred. the idea that Hamilton and Washington adorn the ten and one, respectively has led me to stop using paper money. I buy and sell in cocaine and weapons now.

I am comforted by the thought that none of them exist in my bloodline.

merry fucking presidents day.

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