Saturday, February 17, 2007

I love this country

and of course by "love" i mean "pray for"

For as long as I can remember, our government has been working as hard as they possibly can to restrict our dwindling freedoms and otherwise ban....well, just about anything that doesnt directly support corporate profits.

They decided it would be fun to ban alcohol in the 30's, but thank god americans back then still had a fucking spine. Then came the war on drugs. YAY! we're gonna go fight those.....drugs... yeah. and we can see how well billions of dollars a year over 70 years has done. And then we've got bans on smoking and trans fats and proposed legislation to ban spinning rims and seatbelt laws (because a dead person doesn't make any money for the state) and we've got the PATRIOT act and electronic voting machines and asset forfeiture and eminent domain and the FCC deciding what is or isn't free speech and the supreme court ruling the 10th amendment null and void and this nation has more or less gone straight to hell. Id say 'this is getting absurd' but its way past that now.

So i had an idea. Im going to try and find the most benign item i can, and im going to write a proposal to have it banned. I will submit it to my senator and see just how far I can push this through. It seems they'll ban just about anything if its 'for the children'.

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