Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fuck the drug war

And fuck every single last one of you supporters. You all fail at America.

The members of the supreme court who voted on the side of the feds in the Gonzales v. Raich decision should take a long hard look at their lives and deeply ponder what benefit, if any, they bring to the American people. If there were a merciful GOD up there, these bastards would have everything from glaucoma to AIDS. Then they could swallow pill after pill after pill as they slowly waste away and die, like dogs. like the pitiful scum they are.

This ruling was about Medical Marijuana. More importantly It was about states rights, and whats left of our constitution, tattered and spat upon, trampled underfoot of a thousand jackbooted fucking feds, marching to the beat of large pharma and corporate profits.

The defendant, Angel Raich, argued that the federal Controlled Substance Act was in violation of the Interstate Commerce clause of the constitution. Of course it is. Any person with even a rudimentary understanding of the bill of rights can see that. Unfortunately, 6 justices on the supreme court could not.

The ruling basically said that even though 11 states have made it legal for a doctor to prescribe marijuana for a sick patient, the feds cans still come in and raid dispensaries (legitimate, state regulated medical marijuana sources often run by volunteers) and arrest sick and dying people.

Now, I know some of you are thinking - "so what, Its just those damn potheads looking for a loophole." You people are, of course, Idiots. If you were to put your fucked up preconceived notions aside for a minute, you might be able to see that this is not about pot. Its not about Potheads, its not about the counterculture you fucking fascists love to hate. Now that the supreme court has ruled in favor of the feds, Its about states rights.

Unfortunately, most people dont get the whole "constitution" thing. They teach that shit in school for a reason. If you dont know your rights, how will you know when theyve been violated?

How could the federal government possibly claim jurisdiction over a state, if the power they are taking was not given to them in the constitution? The supreme court ruled that intrastate medican marijuana programs are interstate commerce. Now, it doesnt take a high-school graduate to see that medical marijuana is neither interstate, nor is it often commercial. Therefore, its not interstate commerce. There is no possible fucking way it could ever be even remotely considered interstate, because these are STATE LAWS. THEY DONT APPLY TO OTHER STATES. One state's Medpot card will NOT WORK IN ANOTHER STATE. therefore, it is Intrastate. There is no intrastate commerce clause. The people who ruled this way are in no position to be justices of the highest court in the land.

Perhaps you can all see now why I say the tenth amendment has been ruled null and void. Perhaps you're even pissed off, and ready to break shit. No? Yeah, maybe we should wait until the bill of rights is down to 8 amendments.

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Anonymous said...

i think ur right we should riot or do something