Sunday, February 18, 2007

Light bulbs

Yes. Im going to get light bulbs banned and I'm going to use my favorite national travesty to accomplish this - the war on drugs.

Now hear me out. This nation has a problem with amphetamine usage, specifically methamphetamine. We obviously need to keep this dangerous substance out of the hands of children. and of course, we need to keep meth paraphernalia out of the hands of children as well. You may be shocked to find out that you probably have several meth pipes laying about your house RIGHT NOW. maybe several in the same room as you. One of the most common way to smoke meth is out of a light bulb. Thats right. a common ordinary light bulb.

Im proposing that we restrict the sale of light bulbs to people over 18, the same way we do with pipe cleaners and PVC glue and spray paint. I also propose that if a minor is in posession of a light bulb that he or she can have their person and or vehicle searched, as well as be subjected to a mandatory blood test to check for the existence of amphetamines.

I'll be fleshing out this proposal and submitting it to my senator. I'll post any and all replies I get from him.

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Jonathon said...

why dont you just let people do what they are gonna do instead of trying to get things banned and ruin peoples fun. i am in no way shape or form a meth user, nor do i advocate its use. but i dont look down on those who do either. i am of the opinion that people should be allowed to injest whatever they wish into their bodies, as long as its in a reasonable place and they are not being a danger to others in the process. but honestly if some chick wants to smoke a bunch of meth out of a lightbulb and spend 14 hours cleaning and organizing her room, then who are you (or i, for that matter) to tell her she cant. fuck writing such rediculousness to your senator. i hate people who think they have the right to tell people what they can and cant do with their own bodies.

Anonymous said...

i am writing a research paper on the epidemic of meth use and came across this article. i was shocked to say the least when i read jonathon's comment. first of all one is entitled to their opinion however he should see that his opinion: "people should be allowed to injest whatever they wish into their bodies, as long as its in a reasonable place and they arent being a danger to other in the process" is absurd! first of all methamphetamine is a drug unlike any other and can get one addicted on the first try according those who are addicts even. and there is never a reasonable place that doesnt danger anyone else, if one is said "safe" in their own homemade meth lab, who will that affect in a year when they have to switch locations to a new meth lab- the new owners of that house and those who have to clean out the house full of toxins. the toxins from meth seep into the skin of a person who isnt even using the drug. and ppl on meth dont just get fidgety and clean house for the day- they go around and steal from innocent ppl and continue to put others in harm by driving or acting in destructive manners. i hate ppl like you dont see the drug for what it is, and say that their opinion overrides the reality all together.

To the author of this text, i see you want to get rid of this epidemic as much as i because it is truely destroying so many lives and communities alike. i honestly dont see putting a ban on light bulbs as a sufficient way to stop the epidemic however. there needs to be more of a recovery outreach to these addicts because the ingredients and forms of injesting the drug are too wide spread and easy to get a hold of, yet necessary to those who dont use meth at the same time so it would be nearly impossible to have these things banned although many are trying to do so. anayway, good luck with your fight and ignore any ridiculous posts such as jonathons because he obviously smokes weed and knows nothing about real life.

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