Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"SONY" is japanese for "Garbage"

What the fuck is sony good for anyway?
Are their products really worth anything anymore?
Everything from sony is an overpriced, under performing, DRM crippled piece of cow shit.
They've been skating by on name alone for far too long, and they seem oblivious as to the magnitude of their worthlessness. Like the ugly fat chick with a huge ego who wears a tube top and skin tight bicycle shorts and constantly spouts off about how "you couldn't handle this" - Damn right. I dont even want to attempt....handling......that......*shudder* Go fall down a fucking hole.

Worse yet is the idiot consumer who seems to constantly forget that sony is worthless. Is it really that hard to get over sony? Find another company that doesn't completely blow. I don't know.... how about apple or panasonic or samsung or (ugh) Microsoft or Nintendo or.....y'know, just about any other company under the fucking sun? Hell, Buy something from tiger direct. I know, I know. they aren't an electronics company, but im using them as a point of reference - They probably suck less than sony.

God Damnit sony, get off my fucking lawn! You look like shit. You smell like shit and for fucks sake, cover your shame. you're scaring the children.

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