Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Radar detectors

UPDATE: It turns out DIGG is sensationalist garbage and these asshats wouldn't know the difference between state and federal if it bit them on the cock. Needless to say, this is a proposed state law, not federal.

Well hell. While were banning trans fats and light bulbs and everything else, lets ban radar detectors. atleast thats the plan of one Floridian senator (Republican, naturally). This wouldn't bother me so much if it were a state law. Unfortunately, this would enforce a federal ban on the detectors, making them illegal to use ANYWHERE in the united states.

*Takes soapbox*

"AHEM"......What the hell are you motherfuckers smoking?! What the fuck are you republicans supposed to stand for? You purport to stand for small government and personal responsibility, but as of late your mantra has been "God hates queers" and "...or the terrorists win" Let me be the first to extend the olive branch of hostility in the form of a hearty "Shove it up your ass" I'll decide what's in my best interests. Id like to see how you bastards plan to keep this ban from being ruled unconstitutional. Let me guess - TAX STAMPS! I cant see this falling under interstate commerce, so unless you plan on amending the US constitution, I cant see this being worth shit. I suppose you could reduce highway funding for states that refuse to ban them, the same way you god forsaken babyrapers enforced a national speed limit and and 21 as the legal age to buy alcohol.

These sick worthless assbaggers in office prattle on about how they're going to create a safer world for all of us because, of course, possession of a hunk of plastic and silicon and LEDs indicates criminal intent. Perhaps radar detectors are so pervasive not because all people are dirty speeders, but because people are just tired of being 'Surprised' by some jackass with a badge and getting completely and utterly fucked over by the state? (no. of course not)

Furthermore, speeding tickets and speed traps aren't for your safety to begin with. Image if you will a world where everyone drives the speed limit. If you think for a second that the state will just leave well enough alone, and give up your yummy yummy tax dollars, you've got way too much faith in the system. These puss-spewing swollen genital warts of people will come up with yet another ridiculous source of revenue at the expense of personal liberties under the guise of 'SAFTEY' and most of you will just eat it up. Congratulations, you've helped destroy America. I'd offer you a cookie but you might choke, and we cant have you risking your own safety. Just be secure in the thought that every asshole in this country with an IQ lower than 25 thanks you.

.....Fucking tards.

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