Friday, February 23, 2007

Light bulbs: The saga continues

Well, It looks like I wont have to bother baning light bulbs because people are actually doing it. On a side note, what the hell is wrong with Australia? How could a nation founded by criminals think that criminalizing the light bulb is a good idea? I was reading an article about it on treehugger, and thats when I realized that these environmentalist types are just batshit loony. If the other alternative is a totalitarian state, then I consider climate change a bargain. Bring it on. Its too fucking cold here anyway. Heres a quote from the end of the TH article:

Now, what was the second objection? First, let’s put it in perspective. We’re talking about technology that can cut household electricity bills by 60% and greenhouse gas emissions by 1.3 tonnes (and acid rain-causing compounds by 92 kg). That’s the equivalent of taking 4.3 cars off the road—per household. In other words, we’re talking about something pretty promising. And what is the downside? Some CFLs don’t work well with dimmer switches!

I’m sorry, but that is no objection at all. We’ve got a planet to save. Working out the caprices of our mood-lighting shouldn’t be a real problem

A) Its not your responsibility to cut my household electricity bills. Period. I appreciate the actually I don't. You're a meddling, creepy fascist sympathizer. Ingest some bleach.

2) Greenhouse gases don't even necessarily apply here. What if I'm using solar panels and I want to power my lava lamp? Which leads me to point three:

#) I have no problem doing what I feel is right in any scenario, But when government intervenes and tries to coerce me to do what I would've done in the first place, I rethink my original plan. Be it with seat belts or lighting technology, I know that if I comply theres just going to some smug motherfucker in office with a nice big shit eating grin on his face thinking to himself "I've saved lives/the environment" And that really, really bothers me.

4) Dont be so quick to dismiss dimmer switches as a vain, aesthetic thing. My dimmer switch is the ONLY reason that the 6 incandescents in my room haven't been replaced yet. Its not that I dim my lights. In fact, I NEVER do. The problem is that Ive already got a dimmer switch and I don't care to replace that. Nor do I care to Pay extra for 'dimable' CFL's. I could install CFL's right now in all my sockets but what happens when some fuckwatt comes and plays with my dimmer dial and all the ballasts decide to die? Fuck all that, I'll stick with incandescents for now.

People need to also think about the economics of the issue. If we all put our minds to it, I bet we can figure something out. Who could possibly benefit from every person replacing all of their bulbs at once....hmmm.... I wont point any fingers, but lets just say that it might not be a bad idea to invest in GE.

I never thought Id say it, But shut the fuck up and leave me the hell alone you god damn hippies.

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