Monday, February 26, 2007


Let me preface this by saying that I have a tendency to get bored and do things 'just for the hell of it'. This is one of those things. Let me also say that most of the things I start, I never finish. Fortunately, this was not one of them.

So I was sitting in my room with some friends strumming on my guitar and I realized just how cool everything looked under a blacklight (I wasn't high...... Honest). I was thinking it would be cool to have some UV art on my wall, so I painted this awesome 32" square, glow in the dark, UV reactive 1up mushroom on my wall.

I started by finding a suitable image to paint. I settled on a sprite of a 1up mushroom I found on Google image search or something. I blew it up with MSPAINT and I printed out. I Stuck it on my wall, and started drawing a 16x16 grid. It took time. and patience. and pencil.

Then I started filling in the pixels. I started freehand:

and then I realized that painting a giant mushroom freehand was stupid. So I found my good friend painters tape and I was like "Hey dog. wanna paint some stuff?" and painters tape was like "hells yeah". so I stuck him on the wall and slathered him with paint. and it was good.

After quite a few coats, the colors started looking pretty uniform:

And then one day it was finished. It looks great under a blacklight or even in the dark after it has absorbed a good deal of light. Unfortunately, the images taken with my camera phone of the painting in the dark do not do it justice. I have omitted them.

The paint was $.90 per 2oz tube. I ended up buying 5 of them ($4.50) and I also bought some paint brushes. (like $2.00)

So the total cost was like..... $6.50. and its awesome.

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HB-9 said...

this is sooooo cool. Respect!!!

love UV and flouro colours.