Thursday, March 1, 2007

Holy shit. I rock

So I was in class a week or so ago, Just trying to make it through this last semester without killing someone or something. I had just finished drawing this incredible mutated bird with crab's claws on my notebook when it occurred to me that a person's mental capacity is often inversely proportional to how much they show it.

You see, as I was finishing the feet and trying to figure out how to draw realistic feathers on that which I had now dubbed the 'monsterbird RAWRRR' , a mid-thirties prodigy decided to speak his mind. " that means that the weather has an effect on our environment?" to which the obviously deserving young lad was given a reply: "Thats right, Kirk. Did everyone else hear what Kirkham just said?" This substantial dose of encouragement was apparently just the thing he needed to wipe away the clouds of doubt and instill vast knowledge in his little mind. Why, the rest of the hour he was nodding right along with EVERYTHING the professor had to say, and occasionally looking around to the rest of us with his to see if we, like him, felt compelled to show to the entire class our degree of understanding with that perpetual bobbing of the head. Bobble head dolls are fun, this jackass was not. Probably due in part to the fact that his cranial movements were not initiated by me flicking his skull......hmm.

Now, i know alot of you are thinking "Well Jay, you were just drawing a bird"
WRONG! It was 'monsterbird rawrrr' and I would say that even though I was ostensibly scribbling nonsense, I was also doing several other things. A) I was monitoring the professor's every word to see if he had anything important to say. If and when something that I didn't already know was uttered, I would've snapped my head up and listened with full intent to learn. B) I stole this pen from a salesman at best buy and its awesome. It writes like liquid sex. I was testing out its drawing abilities. Knowledge is power. and C) I was trying to keep as low a profile as possible. If I show them that I care, then these 'professor' types get the idea that they can just chat me up and call on me in class and otherwise test out the theory that I like being put on the spot. Hint: I don't.

No. Kirkham is not his real name. Who the hell names their kid kirkham? Is that even a real name?

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