Monday, March 5, 2007

Zune == Shit

For the zune to suck any more, it would legally have to be elected to congress.

I'll be the first to admit that the zune or its 'community' isn't nearly as annoying as apple and its feverishly rabid group of followers. But then again, the Zune community consists of 14 people.

What never ceases to amaze me is how Microsoft can do its damnedest to create a shitty product, but through sheer brute force, the product eventually takes hold. If Microsoft decides to throw enough money at a problem, they win. always. No matter how strongly you ipod fanboys choose think otherwise. MS took over the console arena in one generation. With a 75lb brick of a console. With a controller larger than my head. Yknow why they won? because they threw MONEY at the problem, made an ungodly powerful system and sold it at a loss, understanding that they would make NO money on this whatsoever. Now they're kicking sony's ass. I'm sure thats partly due to the fact that SONY SUCKS. but still. Microsoft wins. always.

anyway, back to me bitching about zune. The first time I saw one, it was the 'green and brown turd' model. I though it was absolutely hideous, but the more I stared at it, the more I realized that I needed one. It was Just beautiful. I'm being honest, there was some serious style there. Id even consider buying a zune just as soon as they hack it wide open and make it do the things it should've done out of the factory. Like fixing their '3 plays or 3 days' bug. Yes. Its a bug. Calling it anything less would be showing your customers just how little you care. oh. I'm almost sure that applying DRM to a copyrighted work without permission is illegal. Not that they would actually be charged because Washington has been sucking Microsoft's collective cock for so long that its jaw is surely going to fall off soon. Still, Its illegal to modify a copywritten work without permission if its for profit, and thats exactly what the Zune does when it applies DRM to mp3's you want send to other people. If we can get a class action lawsuit going, maybe they'll fix that shit.

I only bought an xbox after softmodding became a reality, and its been my favorite console, ever. The extra features are nice, the new dashboard is pretty, and XBMC is awesome. The fact that ive yet to buy a single game plays into it somehow also I'm sure. when softmodding a zune becomes a reality, I'm in. Until then, the zune is a decent piece of hardware hampered by shitty software.

Secondly, just what the fuck is a zune? It seems like we ran out of sensible names a long time ago, and now companies are just making up funny sounding words and trademarking them. ipod is another example, although I know what a pod is. How it applies to music is another question entirely. how about Skype? Where the fuck did that come from? sounds like a disease I don't want. And what the hell is the deal with the media and their penchant for eating bill gates' asshole? Every time MS comes up with some over priced under performing piece of garbage, the media is right there to beat that dead horse to death. Be it vista or the zune or xbox360 or what have you. Give that shit a rest. How about you asstards talk about something that microsoft or apple DIDN'T make. I know, its hard to find those things when your only source of technical information are press releases from redmond and apple, but for fucks sake. Take your heads out of your asses and you'll eventually find something. That or maybe you should just stop talking about things you don't understand. Remember the Aquateen thing? Just shut up. all of you.

The zune is garbage. Wireless music transfer is nice, but if its broken with this DRM nonsense, feel free eat shit and die. Everyone involved in the development of zune should be ashamed of themselves. If you know any of these people, kindly spit on them in public and ban them from the country club. thanks.


Anonymous said...

i wasted my money on this crap and cant get a refund. im goin' sony.

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Anonymous said...

i have had a zune 120 for a while and i like it... but the zune software is shit i fucking hate it it crashes my computer. i wish i could just sync it with media player. But i would rather deal with the software than join them fucking apple zombie's.

Anonymous said...

To which Microsoft console are you referring to when you say it took over the console format? Microsoft has NEVER won a console war.